Daily Devotional- MORNINGTIME 3144

Daily Devotional. In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right IN HIS OWN EYES. Judges 21:25. Don’t be fooled, men were not running in Purity, Righteousness, and Holiness back in those days, it was pretty much every man for himself. And it was much easier to give in to the ways of the world and “go with the flow”, than to stand for the Right Things of God. Much Sin was rampant back then. OK, on to today. As the world becomes more and more God-less, the evil things of the world become more and more pronounced. And people like Hitler are a big time “pronouncement” of where worldliness is heading for. Hitler was just a guy pointing the way to GREAT AND Greater WORLDLY DEATH AND DESTRUCTION COMING DOWN THE ROAD, the likes of which this world has never seen. Satan is angry and knows his time is short. He is Hell-on-wheels and his plan is to kill EVERYONE he can. Kill the lost so they stay lost, and kill the Christians so they can’t “save” the lost. It is literally The Hand Of God that keeps anyone alive. Another way to say that is, Satan can only do as he is allowed to do. NOTHING TOUCHES A CHRISTIAN’S LIFE THAT DOESN’T GO THROUGH THE THRONE ROOM FIRST. And yes, Satan IS a defeated foe UNDER THE FEET OF CHRIST. There is to be NO FEAR of Satan in a Christians Life. Just deal with Adversity AS THE LORD ALLOWS IT INTO YOUR LIFE, for your Growth in him. Christ is the Christians Authority, and without Christ, a man has no respect for even worldly authority. So each man becomes his own “Law” unto himself as his “self” is now the Law. My point? Christians are all that stand between lost sinners and their headlong run for Hell. Christians want to stop, and save, sinners. All sinners see is the “bad guy” getting in the way of them reaching their goal of a “Utopia without God”, not understanding that “Utopia” is Hell itself. FIGHT HARD TO SAVE THEM, as they fight hard to kill you. Yes, ALL will someday die, SO DIE IN CHRIST, AND, BE BLESSED.

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