About Us

A morning devotional was written and edited by Benjamin Munsell with the expressed purpose of encouraging the reader to look more closely at the Bible, the Word of God as the Source, the total and only Source, of True Inspiration. We want to create a hunger to seek a closer walk with the Lord in all of our days to day activities, and to apply all that the Bible has to say with our everyday doings. To the uninterested reader, the Bible is just old, outdated stories of dead people. But to the True Believer, the Bible is a wealth of information more relevant to today than this morning’s newspaper. It shows, explains, and gives understanding to the reader about the things of this world, and of the things to come, to life as we know it now, and to Life in Eternity, to everything we see around us, and to all that is around us that we don’t yet see. The Word of God can be very general, and very specific. The more you search the Scriptures, the more hunger to understand the Ways, Intents, Plans, and Purposes of the Lord and what He has in store for you. It is our Hope, and Prayer, that you will Desire Christ in your life, and your Life Eternal. As you read MORNINGTIME, I hope you will Be Blessed.