Daily Devotional- MORNINGTIME 1873

Daily Devotional. Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, SEEKING WHOM HE MAY DEVOUR: 1 Peter 5:8. If you’ve ever been tracked by, been nibbled on, or been eaten by, a roaring lion, you know this verse is as serious a warning as it gets. If Satan had things his way, every single person on the planet would be dead and in Hell. Satan had no mercy and he’ll take ANYONE. As a true born again Follower of Christ, you know the sewage box you came from, and the Glorious Presence of Christ you’re going to. No one has to tell you about the Eternity Christ has waiting for you. Now the sad news. Turn around and look at all the people who don’t Know Christ, and see all the killing and mayhem Satan is doing as fast as he can. On Judgment Day no one will have any excuse to say, “I didn’t know about Christ”. All (unsaved) will be found GUILTY by The Perfect Judge. One of Satan’s tricks is to entice someone into a really “bad” religious cult, they stay for years, and finally find the courage to run and escape to freedom from the cult. You may have even seen documentaries on these people and the cults. BUT, unless these people run to Christ and HIS True Freedom, THEY HAVE NO FREEDOM. They have merely gone from Satan’s left paw to his right paw. They may THINK they have found freedom, but they’re still just dead men walking. Satan is very sly, sneaky, and underhanded. He is the master of cruel and only Christ can FREE someone from the clutches of his paw. To bring this close to home, how many people IN YOUR CHURCH have fallen for Satan’s trap of false salvation? You know, it’s the one where they do and say all the “right” things, AND NEVER CHANGE!!! Christ Himself calls them the Lord Lord people and tells them HE NEVER KNEW THEM. They will die in their sins and go straight to Hell. Pray for your friends and family, tell them about Christ, get them Saved, and they will truly, Be Blessed.

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