A Christmas Commentary, by Jesse Macias

Christmas is a time to rejoice but it’s also a time for deep reflection and sober thought. People (many) rejoice and joyously sing songs to the King who came to save us but the fact that we were so fallen that our redemption would cost the blood of our creator is spoken of and considered, little, if at all. Why did He come? “To save us from our sins” is a popular response but do you rejoice in that salvation as one who has been delivered from sin or do you recite the popular response while still embracing the lifestyle for which He came and died? Are you celebrating salvation while remaining unsaved? Do you rejoice that a debt has been paid while refusing to acknowledge your guilt in the matter? Many know why He came but don’t know Him or care that we are, in a sense, His executioners. If it’s for sin that He died and your sin and mine was the reason for His cross then it can be said that you and I are to blame. He is no longer a baby in a manger, though man would keep Him there. Babies don’t present a threat and so man, “Professing Christians” feel comfortable with a baby King who requires nothing of them. He, as a baby, had no voice so He delivered no commandment at that time, and He passed no judgment, but he is no longer a baby. He is the Most High and His judgment has been made known. We are all to blame for His death and His appearing in Human flesh should remind us of our grave and depraved state and thus cause us to bow in repentance at His feet. He is a perfect judge and a perfect judge cannot dismiss your case without justice being served but He has taken care of that as well. We sinned against God and no amount of “good” works can undo what has been done… We are all deserving of the wrath of God but God poured out His wrath on His Son. He stood in our place and took our punishment so that God could pardon us and remain just. It is sinful to pardon the lawless, unless justice has been exacted, first. He is Just and the Justifier of sinful man. By the death of Jesus Christ, justice has been served and mercy can be offered and all that is required is to trust in The Lord and to repent and turn from your sin. He is not a baby any longer but a Judge and we have all been given a grace period in order to be reconciled to God before we are tried as law breakers. He is mighty to save all who trust in Him and promises never to turn away the person who comes to Him. Repent of sin, cry out to the Lord for sight, for understanding, for Salvation, for Him. He is not a baby in a manger anymore.

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