ISIS is Islam, Islam is ISIS. ISIS and today’s Christians.

ISIS is Islam, Islam is ISIS. ISIS and today’s Christians.
(At the end of these 2 articles are my comments, Be Encouraged, Be Greatly Encouraged. Ben)

Islamic State = Islam, Behold the Face of Islam (Son of Hamas)

Wherever I go in the world, people ask me about ISIS. And I advise them to ignore the endless debates about the peaceful versus violent nature of Islam and take a long, hard look at the Islamic State. ISIS is Islam, exposed in all its cruelty and ugliness, unchanged since Muhammad. The atrocities committed by ISIS are merely an extension of the atrocities committed by Islam’s prophet. The true Five Pillars of Islam are: Slaughter, Intolerance, Oppression, Hatred, and Global Dominion, because Muhammad was a slaughterer, intolerant, oppressive, hateful, and drove his armies to destroy everything and everyone that stood in the way of his establishment of a world caliphate. Muhammad said to the people of Mecca, “I have brought slaughter to you,” then he beheaded every male, young and old. ISIS immolated Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kaseasbeh, because Muhammad burned people alive. When the leader of the Jewish Bani al-Nadir tribe refused to reveal the location of his tribe’s treasures, Muhammad ordered his soldiers to “Torture him until you extract what he has.” So a fire was built on the chest of Kinanah bin al-Rabi. Again, when some of his men resisted Muhammad’s planned attack against the Byzantines at Tabuk, the prophet commanded that they be burned alive in the house where they were meeting. ISIS enslaves and rapes women because Muhammad did, even when he took a six-year-old little girl as his wife and consummated their union when she turned nine. ISIS mutilates and crucifies men, women, and children because its prophet did. …

The only difference between 1,400 years of slaughter by Muslims, who follow the practices of Muhammad, and the carnage carried out today by ISIS is that today’s atrocities are broadcast throughout the world by social media. Unexpectedly, social media has also made ISIS a blessing to the Muslim world, enabling Muslims to see the true face of Islam. Hatred is what your religion requires of you, not just ritual washings. Slaughter is what your prophet demands of you, not just daily prayers. To follow Islam is to commit your life to jihad, to the destruction or subjugation of all non-Muslims in the name of the god of Islam. But thanks to ISIS, you can free yourself from the lies of Hezbollah, Hamas, and Al-Jazeera, if you have the courage. They cannot protect you from a western conspiracy, because there is none. Your enemy is Islam, not America. When you recognize that ISIS is Islam, you free yourself from the naiveté of world leaders who tell you that ISIS is an anomaly of Islam, leaders that, I am sorry to say, include US President Barack Obama, who told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria recently that, “There is an element growing out of Muslim communities in certain parts of the world that have perverted the religion, have embraced a nihilistic, violent, almost medieval interpretation ARTICLE of Islam.” But it is those who deny that Islam is “nihilistic, violent, almost medieval” who have perverted the religion. ISIS is Islam. Religion by the sword. Religion by intolerance and violence. Religion commanded by its prophet to conquer the world, behead apostates, mutilate thieves, crucify nonmuslims, and stone everyone that engages in sexual relations that disagree with Muslim laws and practices. ISIS has torn the mask from Islam, giving the Muslim world a choice for the first time in fourteen centuries. Choose Islam, and you choose ISIS, because they are indistinguishable. Reject ISIS, and you reject Islam, because they are one. … Islam hates everything that is not Islam. And just as fresh water and salt water cannot flow from the same spring, love and goodness cannot flow from a religion that is established on hatred and violence.” – Behold the face of Islam, Son of Hamas

The Islamic State is Islamic. Very Islamic.
The Atlantic: “The Islamic State is Islamic. Very Islamic.”

Excerpt: “The reality is that the Islamic State is Islamic. Very Islamic. … the religion preached by its most ardent followers derives from coherent and even learned interpretations of Islam. (It is an ugly lie to say otherwise. – ed.) … Muslims who call the Islamic State un-Islamic are typically, as the Princeton scholar Bernard Haykel, the leading expert on the group’s theology, told me, ’embarrassed and politically correct, with a cotton-candy view of their own religion’ that neglects ‘what their religion has historically and legally required.’ … According to Haykel, the ranks of the Islamic State are deeply infused with religious vigor. Koranic quotations are ubiquitous. ‘Even the foot soldiers spout this stuff constantly,’ Haykel said. ‘They mug for their cameras and repeat their basic doctrines in formulaic fashion, and they do it all the time.’ He regards the claim that the Islamic State has distorted the texts of Islam as preposterous, sustainable only through willful ignorance. ‘People want to absolve Islam,’ he said. ‘It’s this ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ mantra. As if there is such a thing as ‘Islam’! It’s what Muslims do, and how they interpret their texts.’ Those texts are shared by all Sunni Muslims, not just the Islamic State. ‘And these guys have just as much legitimacy as anyone else.’

All Muslims acknowledge that Muhammad’s earliest conquests were not tidy affairs, and that the laws of war passed down in the Koran and in the narrations of the Prophet’s rule were calibrated to fit a turbulent and violent time. In Haykel’s estimation, the fighters of the Islamic State are authentic throwbacks to early Islam and are faithfully reproducing its norms of war. This behavior includes a number of practices that modern Muslims tend to prefer not to acknowledge as integral to their sacred texts. ‘Slavery, crucifixion, and beheadings are not something that freakish [jihadists] are cherry-picking from the medieval tradition,’ Haykel said. Islamic State fighters ‘are smack in the middle of the medieval tradition and are bringing it wholesale into the present day.’

The Koran specifies crucifixion as one of the only punishments permitted for enemies of Islam. The tax on Christians finds clear endorsement in the Surah Al-Tawba, the Koran’s ninth chapter, which instructs Muslims to fight Christians and Jews ‘until they pay the jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.’ The Prophet, whom all Muslims consider exemplary, imposed these rules and owned slaves.

Leaders of the Islamic State have taken emulation of Muhammad as strict duty, and have revived traditions that have been dormant for hundreds of years.”


This website, is not moving into the political arena. These 2 articles are here to show even a part of the story of ISIS on the world scene today. As it says in Matthew 24:9, “Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, AND SHALL KILL YOU; and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake”. People will be killing Christians because they believe that god told them to do so. Christians have been martyred for 2,000 years, this is nothing new. But the high visibility of the internet and instant communication brings killing Believers to a whole new level. Plus, near the end, the killings will go much faster and in greater numbers. NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS. The Lord said to fear none of these things that will be coming upon you. Remember, the Lord has EVERYTHING under control, nothing will catch Him off guard. If we keep in mind that we are all as sheep heading for the slaughter and that the Lord will take care of each and every one of us for Him to do with us as He sees fit, ALL FOR HIS GLORY, than we have nothing to fear from any man or little god. We live or die, all to the Glory of God. The Lord has a much greater plan for all of us than any of us yet understand. That’s why this is called a Walk of Faith. Faith that the Lord knows what He is doing and that we will be content to have Him work it all out. We are ALL going Home someday. How about we gladly GO HOME when He calls. His timing is perfect and if whatever He does will ultimately Glorify Him, than isn’t it ALL worth it? Let’s Walk with the Lord, go Home when He calls, and we will ALL, BE BLESSED.

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