Daily Devotional- MORNINGTIME 4409

Daily Devotional. Wherefore, O king, (Nebuchadnezzar) let my (Daniel) counsel be acceptable unto thee, and break off thy sins by Righteousness, and thine iniquities by Shewing Mercy To The Poor; IF IT MAY BE A LENGTHENING OF THY TRANQUILITY. (OF YOUR DAYS OF PEACE) Daniel 4:27. It’s understood that the Lord Knows EVERYTHING, and His Order of A is followed by B, followed by C, then D, and so on until everything that has been determined to happen, has happened. (Again, we’re working with illustrations here), the TIME from event A to event B can be lengthened by man’s Obedience, and by man’s calling out for extra Mercy and Grace. In 2 Kings chapter 20, The LORD was good enough to give King Hezekiah 15 years more of life; but it was up to Hezekiah if those years would be lived in wisdom and to the Glory of God, or not. The king asked for extra time before he would die, and he was granted an extra 15 years. Today, let’s say the 7 years of Tribulation are just a few years away, (illustration). IF our American Preachers, charged with Preaching The Word Of God had done so with much Greater Determination to reach the masses in Obedience to the Lord starting back in the 1960’s, maybe our coming 7 years of Tribulation could have been moved back an extra 20, 30, maybe even 50 years, and today, 2023 could have actually been a time of mostly world Peace. (Illustration, remember)? Again, without politics, maybe President Trump “gave” us an extra 4 years of “peace” by Obediently moving the American Embassy from Tell Aviv to Jerusalem, in Israel. Who knows? The Point? MAYBE today, you can “extend” the Peace of the Lord in your life a little longer by even greater daily OBEDIENCE to the Lord, on your part, before “C” is followed by the coming “D”, for you? Remember Jonah and the coming destruction of Nineveh, extend for years by the Lord? “The fear of the LORD PROLONGETH days: but the years of the wicked SHALL BE SHORTENED”. Proverbs 10:27. Try Obedience, you just might Live longer and, Be Blessed? 

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