Daily Devotional- MORNINGTIME 3723

Daily Devotional. For the time is come that JUDGMENT MUST BEGIN…. 1 Peter 4:17. DON’T BLAME SATAN FOR OUR COMING JUDGMENT, IT’S NOT HIS FAULT!!! He’s a defeated foe who can ONLY do what the Lord allows him to do. Yes, Satan will have a hand IN THE RESULTS OF THAT COMING JUDGMENT, but he is not THE CAUSE of that Judgment. America was a Powerful Nation on the world stage when we looked to the Lord for His Ways in our lives, and because of that, He Greatly Blessed us. Times have changed AND THE AMERICAN CHURCH HAS ALLOWED SATAN TO DECEIVE US AS he PROMISES US THE GOOD LIFE WITHOUT GOD. We have allowed GREAT SIN to come into the church as we cast aside the Laws, Mercy and Grace of the Lord, AND EMBRACE TOLERANCE AND INCLUSIVENESS of all kinds of sin. Our spiritual “gas tank” is on empty and the good life without Christ and His last few Blessings for this bankrupt church is about to come to a screeching halt. Some have seen this day coming and have braced themselves for it with continual warnings of the coming Judgment. Others are totally unprepared and will be “going through the windshield” with no idea of what happened. The Lord has been warning all who would listen that the Great Day Of Judgment is coming. Satan has been telling mankind that that day IS coming, “BUT IT’S STILL A LONG WAY OFF, DON’T WORRY, YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO ENJOY LIFE WITH NO ONE TO BE ACCOUNTABLE TO”. A word the American church WANTS to hear, WANTS to believe, and WANTS to continue in its very tasty worldly sin. WE HAVE NO EXCUSE TO NOT SEE THE HANDWRITING ON THE WALL. We can ignore it and make believe it’s not there, or that it’s really for someone else, BUT THOSE, AND ANY, EXCUSES WILL FALL DEAD TO THE FLOOR AT THE GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGMENT. (Take a breath). TODAY IS THE DAY OF SALVATION, TODAY IS THE DAY TO REPENT OF YOUR SINS, (just ask the Lord, He’ll be glad to show you how your sins stack up against Him), TODAY IS THE DAY TO TRUST CHRIST WITH YOUR WHOLE LIFE AND EVERYTHING IN IT. TODAY, to, Be Blessed. 

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