Daily Devotional- MORNINGTIME 3602

Daily Devotional. Happy is the man that findeth Wisdom, (this is good), AND the man that getteth Understanding. (This is now twice good). For the merchandise of it, (Wisdom and Understanding), IS BETTER THAN THE MERCHANDISE OF SILVER, AND THE GAIN THEREOF THAN FINE GOLD. (The Intensity of this verse is growing in Authority). She, (Wisdom and Understanding), is More Precious than rubies: (Another comparison of precious worldly things to Precious Heavenly Things). AND ALL THE THINGS THOU CANST DESIRE ARE NOT TO BE COMPARED UNTO HER. (And here it is, the culmination of Growing Truth and the Importance of the comparison of worldly to Heavenly. The bottom line is, don’t even think of comparing worldly with Heavenly). Length of days, (Benefits) is in Her Right Hand; and in Her Left Hand Riches and Honour. (Even more Benefits). Her Ways are Ways of Pleasantness, (a nice Attribute for right here and now), and all Her Paths are Peace. (Even in this mixed-up world). She is a Tree Of Life, (now we’re talking serious physical and spiritual Blessings here), to them that lay hold upon Her: (You can have ALL THIS, if you want it), and Happy is every one that retaineth Her. (A call to anyone and everyone who will reach out and grab ahold of the Power and Authority of God’s Word). Proverbs 3:13-18. How hard are you trying to find, get and keep worldly possessions, like gold, silver and lottery winnings? And how much are you trying to find, get and keep Heavenly, Spiritual Blessings that are GOoD for today, and into Forever? The value of worldly wisdom, knowledge and understanding falls to nothing when compared to Godly Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding. Don’t even try to compare them. Reality Check. Where are your Priorities at? How much time in the Word of God do you spend seeking the Lord, compared to how much time do you spend seeking the benefits of this world? Seek Christ and HIS Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding, and you will greatly now, for today, and for all of eternity, Be Blessed. 

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